maanantai 24. maaliskuuta 2014


- We moved at the beginning of February to a row house (2 rooms and a kitchen) which is located 5 kilometers from central of Lahti.
- It takes little bit time to get use to, because I'm use to having a grocery store right next to front door.
- But bus comes very near so it's easy to get to the city.
- I'm a bus stop.
- Before that we were living in central in a one room apartment, that was in rather questionable condition.
- My sisters boyfriend Tomi 
- Did you know there is mold?
- Yes, I'm aware.
- Moving going on 
- Ae!
- Eww, ugly hand 
- I'm in a hallway 
- Also window and the balcony door were frozen.
- It won't open.
- My brother 
- My sister thinks I have a hoarding problem.
- Minna, you have some Barbies equipment in here. why?
- No, them belong to that pony.
- Oh, well that's a totally different thing...

torstai 6. maaliskuuta 2014


- Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!
- The readers of my old blog may be wondering, what have I been doing during the period of over a year, when I was not updating. (at least those who are not my friends at Facebook)
- Well, among other things, I made this cute little human!
- Hey!
- His name is Markku! He was born little bit before Christmas.
- Yeah and I also have a spouse. His name is Madhu and he is from state of Kerala, India.
- ?
- Aek!
- He can't speak Finnish, so we speak English with each other.
- If you have some questions coming to your mind, ask me, and I can maybe draw comics about the answers so I'll get the updating started.